Making Time for God through Reflective Bible Journaling

By: Kimberly Racquel June 14, 2020

Navigating through life simply isn’t easy, and all of us at some point will encounter situations, feelings, and people that are just difficult to overcome. Some of these encounters will seem impossible to work through. Unfortunately, people turn to many things as an attempt to handle trying but times to no avail. Honestly, there is only one long term and lasting resource, The Bible. It contains instructions on how to handle everything we will ever encounter in life., But how in the world do you find time to read the Bible to discover all the solutions you need to manage your busy life when you barely can make it out the door to work on time? 

Well you’re in for a blessing. If you’ve found this blog, it’s because God led you here, and it’s time for you to learn how to make time, spend time, and enjoy time with God. Your Bible is going to become your best friend, and here’s why. Studying passages in the Bible and relating those messages to your life through a Bible Journal practice will enable you to quickly build up what I like to call your very own Bank Account of Wisdom. With this bank account, you can daily withdraw deposits of encouragement, support, hope, protection, faith, and guidance for navigating through this thing called Life. 

If you’ve been wanting to or have been inspired to start a Bible journal practice you’ve come to the right place. This blog, perfectly titled “If Only I Could Make Time For God, is designed to teach you step by step how to start a reflective Bible journal practice as well as provide Bible study themes and plenty of resources that will assist you in making time for God.

So, what is a reflective Bible journal practice? Reflective Bible journaling is  a practice where you use pen and paper in your study of the Bible as a guide to make sense of what you’re encountering and feeling in everyday life. It’s understanding God’s word and applying it to the everyday situations that you face, praying for God to guide you, and affirming the plan God has already predestined for you so that you can get in alignment with God’s plan and Stay There!

Because a reflective Bible study practice is interactive, it will immediately prompt change in our actions, perspective, and you will more quickly find joy in everyday living. 

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